Thousands of Additional Repossession Assignments to Be Made Available Exclusively to DRN Affiliates


Effective January 1, 2011, Affiliates will be authorized to receive first priority placement on Historical LPR2.0 hits. Simply put, when an order is placed into DRN’s LPR2.0 platform, DRN will check to see if there has been a Historical hit on the account. If so, DRN will notify the appropriate LPR2.0 service partner which Affiliate most recently scanned the order. Upon receipt of this information, the LPR2.0 service partner will assign the repossession to that agent. If the account is out with another agent, the account will be reassigned to the scanning agent.

This process will greatly expand the potential of DRN’s LPR2.0 program and will allow DRN’s Affiliates to leverage all available resources, not just camera equipped vehicles, to recover vehicles. No longer will it be necessary to “re-scan” the vehicle in order to receive the repossession assignment. As these LPR2.0 assignments will be normal assignments, Affiliates are free to utilize any of the resources they have available, including their non-camera equipped vehicles, to effectuate the repossession.

Based on existing numbers and trends, DRN anticipates that this new process should present DRN Affiliates with between 20,000 and 40,000 additional repossession assignments in 2011.
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